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How advisors are going from 35% to 70% net payout

by The 100 Companies
advisors net payout

Did you know that if you’re a 250k-500k W2 advisor, you can DOUBLE your income in a white-glove, independent model? For most advisors hovering in the 30-40% payout range, your income has been declining while doing the same business for years.

I hear advisors’ frustration every day … “My production is steady but somehow I’m making less money every year.”

The horizon isn’t promising at most W2 firms either … raising production hurdles, implementing minimum household account sizes, significantly less payout. The concierge independent models give you the payout and freedom of being independent, without the operational headaches.

Earn what you deserve now.

– Michele Mandeville, Founder/President, PRISM Wealth Management Recruiting

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